Docker Helper / CHT Version

I ran the CHT Docker Helper for 4x instructions and was able to get things up and running ok, but the version number looks a bit funky. I’m used to just seeing 3.17.0 (for example) but this one says 4.1.0- Is this expected? What does it mean? Should I / can I safely install the 4.1.0 version that I see under “Releases”?

Hi @michael, looks like we have an issue open for that and it’s scheduled for the next release.

Thanks @Jennifer_Quesada ! I assume the underlying issue is the same and will resolve both UI issues, but just wanted to confirm that that one issue will resolve both of these…

  1. How the version is displayed at the top (4.1.0- instead of 4.1.0)
  2. That the “same” version is showing up in the list of releases available to upgrade to

…and if not, i can create a separate issue

I believe the two issues are different. Please open a new issue for changing the version that is displayed as being currently installed in the admin app.

I’ve created a new issue to track this: Display version and build number separately in the admin upgrade page · Issue #8009 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

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