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Hello @jkuester @diana @Nicole_Orlowski @michael

Is it posiible to display a list patients in a facility when a health worker clicks on a particular patient like in the screen shot below?

As compared to the default behavior below in CHT

cc @Beth

Hi @cliff

I just want to make sure that I’m understanding correctly:

  • Facility Area1 has the following patients: Patient1, Patient2 and Patient3
  • When you open the page for Patient1, you’d like to see Patient2 and Patient 3 in the left hand side list? you’d like to see Patient2 and Patient 3 in the right hand side as a card?

If the answer to the “list” question is yes, there already is an issue that requests a similar feature: Allow CHWs to drill down through >1 levels of hierarchy in People Tab · Issue #7459 · medic/cht-core · GitHub
I don’t think that there is an issue to add a feature to display “siblings” in a contact detail page.

yes sure thanks @diana

oh makes sense :+1:, i guess this is not yet in the core

hello @diana kindly requesting for some updates on this issue, i see it was removed form the 3.15.0 milestone …
We would like to have a display of the patients list on the left side of the UI as seen in the screenshot above

Tagging @michael, as I think he’s be the best person ask for updates for this issue.

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@cliff that issue was removed because the assumption it made: “the CHT will flatten all items beneath my area”, was not correct. As it works today in mobile view, the CHT navigates like a drill-down whereby tapping on a “place” will show you only the next level down (rather than flattening everything at that level and below).

Depending on your hierarchy configuration and where the user sits in your hierarchy, you can already achieve something similar to what you are requesting. The screenshot below is taken from a user associated to “Janet Johnson”. This user is seeing a list of all household members on the Left Hand Side (LHS).

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thanks @michael , this is helpful .
My user in the hierarchy is just an ordinary health worker who is trying to access the patients in a facility, above him immediately is a primary care provider at the facility .

could you expound more on this ?

@michael & @cliff - since we’re using the web version of CHT in our deployment, I wonder if this feature is accessible (or could be added)? Thank you!