DHIS2 app for CHT

Dear CHT users,

According to CHT docs:

Data from CHT can be retrieved by DHIS2 directly. But I did not find any such app on the DHIS2 app store and neither on GitHub.

I was wondering if someone already has written such an app and could share this experience?

Many thanks.

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I have not yet seen the CHT-DHIS2 integration integrated as a DHIS2 app. The documents mentions

This means that you can build a DHIS2 app that pulls data from the CHT and imports it electronically into DHIS2. This would allow Data Entry to control the process directly from DHIS2 without having to access the CHT.

It can be done, but to my knowledge it hasn’t yet been done.

If you’re getting started with the CHT-DHIS2 integration, this is a good resources DHIS2 | Community Health Toolkit

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