Design for Good - a new non-profit backed by big companies, focused on open source and sustainable development

I thought this would be of interest to the community here! From the website:

Design for Good is a non-profit alliance of leading global organisations that will directly harness the creative talent of thousands of designers to design and deliver positive impact against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, on a scale only possible through global collaboration.

It sounds like the funding they’re bringing to the table is mostly envisioned to be for new technologies/products that come out of collaborations from teams of volunteer designers. Might not be the right place to go for collaborators for core CHT development, but it could be an interesting venue to seek collaborators on a particular new CHT app, a new use case or new integration. A bit more commentary about the effort in this Fast Company article: Microsoft, General Mills, PepsiCo lead climate change plan


Hey Issac,
Thank you for the information provided. I learned the focus for this year is collaborative design and delivering impact towards clean water and sanitation and Medic have done a great job designing use cases for WASH and communication for behavioral changes. I’ll spread it out within fellow designers that would love to be part of that and I believe they have a shared understanding of the issues and perspectives. Thanks again!