Deploying the VHT AHA app in a refugee setting- community story presented in May 2022 CHT Round-up call

Refugee camp settings are characterized by poor access of patients to the needed health care services. With the widespread use of mobile technology, digital health is regarded as a promising intervention that is increasingly being adopted to help improve health outcomes in the refugee camps. In Uganda, Guild Digital Inc has partnered with Africa Humanitarian Action to design, develop and deploy the VHT AHA mobile app, the app is currently being used by Village Health Teams (VHTs) to support the delivery of community health services to the population living at Kyaka II refugee settlement. The VHT AHA app is powered by the Community Health Toolkit.

In our May 2022 CHT Round-up call, the Guild Digital team presented to the CHT community their experience and learnings of deploying the VHT AHA app in a refugee setting. Thank you @solomon_kahuma for sharing the great work your team is doing to support communities living in a refugee setting.

Here is the recording of the VHT AHA app presentation.

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