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Delphi study on Community Health Information Systems - open call for expert nominations

Consider nominating yourself or someone else to serve on a panel of experts to participate in a Delphi study to build consensus on key features, interoperability standards, and use cases for Community Health Information Systems (CHIS).

CHISs are used widely by organizations and governments in many low- and middle-income and high-income countries. The WHO has released a Classification of Digital Health Interventions that lists a number of ways that digital technology can be used by patients, providers, or health system managers to improve health. However, there is not yet alignment on the primary use cases, core functionalities, and interoperability standards for these digital platforms.

This study is part of a Digital Square funded project being carried out by a consortium of organizations that include Medic, Dimagi, Ona, and the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC). The consortium will convene a digital health community of practice that includes this panel of experts to systematically work towards consensus on key feature sets, standards, and digital health interventions for CHISs.

Request for nomination (deadline: 13 August 2021)

The panel of experts will include (i) digital health implementers, (ii) researchers, (iii) community health practitioners, (iv) government officials, (v) policy experts, and (vi) funders with deep experience in the following non-exhaustive list of specializations:

● CHIS design and development
● CHIS research and implementation
● community health research and implementation
● digital health or/and community health policy, governance, and regulations
● funding of digital health and community health programs

Please visit the study overview page for more details about research activities, expected commitment, and timeline: (CHIS Delphi Study - Background Page - Google Docs).

Please contact @isaacholeman or @David_Citrin with any inquiries.

And thank you in advance for sharing this open call widely among potentially interested colleagues and networks!


@David_Citrin Can Medic share externally on social?

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Yes! Thank you @kellyhagler, apologies, I should have thought to ping you to help amplify the call.

@David_Citrin – I would like to self-nominate for the study. Where do I send my CV and LOI?

Found nomination form here: Google Forms: Sign-in