Deletion of cache on AWS

How can we delete cache on AWS ?
We did some fixes on our local instance but after pushing on AWS they aren’t reflecting

Hi @David_Kiragu

To make sure we’re understanding correctly, you pushed some config changes and you don’t see them reflected on your instance? Or is it you changed your AWS instance settings?


Hi @diana
We had some redundant config on our CHT instance. We removed them locally and pushed the changes on AWS but the changes are not reflected.
We thought this could be an issue with cache on AWS.

Hi @David_Kiragu

What do you mean redundant config? There is no cache, AWS or not. Can you share how you are uploading this config and which changes you are not seeing?

Hi @diana
By redundant configs I meant unnecessary form properties and app settings that we removed locally.
In our case we had an action button for undo death report yet we didn’t have such a form on our instance, we only had report death form.
This wasn’t showing locally but was appearing on AWS for all persons. We thought this was an issue with cache on AWS.
We fixed this by introducingundo death report form and added form properties for it.

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