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Date conversion: gregorian date to bikram sambat (Nepal calendar) in app forms

I am able to see the Nepali date picker when I change the language to Nepali. I can input the data in Nepali but when I try to display input value in App forms, It returns a gregorian date.
How do I display the gregorian date into Nepali date?


I don’t think this is possible right now but it would definitely be a good addition to the CHT. As far as I can see the CHT doesn’t convert the date to bikram sambat anywhere in the UI except for datepickers. It’s possible that momentjs is doing the translation to Nepali but I don’t think it does the conversion to bikram sambat.

Other than in the date pickers, have you seen Nepali dates anywhere else in the UI? If so, are these dates converted correctly into bikram sambat or just translated gregorian dates?

I have tried using bikram-sambat tag in appearance, it just translates gregorian. And yes it is only visible in date-picker. I shall move ahead with feature request in cht core

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