Data is not syncing automatically from Couch2PG to RDBMS

Hi @diana and @mrjones ,

Thanks for the advice,

It was already resolve for the problem which is the medic administrator password, @binod teach me on how to do it using this forum RECOVER COUCHDB Password.

And the remaining problems are :

  1. The data is not syncing automatically from couchdb to AWS, so that, when in dbeaver it is not also updated unless, it needs to go to the terminal and login using ssh account, then go to cd /srv/cht-couch2pg and run “docker-compose --env-file couch2pg.env -d”

  2. We have an staging website to test first the app and then once the update was approved it should be push to the production. But, right now, when we access the staging website it shows 404 Not Found nginx/1.13.6

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