Data integration from multiple CHT apps

Here is another newbie question.
Is there one DB per app?
If so,
Is it then “standard” to perform this data integration, aggregation, and analysis (using data between apps) in an RHIS (DHIS2) if it exists, or in some other API app/service using the Postgre DB?

Hello @jstafford. Thanks for the question.

Typically a CHT application will store data on one CouchDB database (architecture of CHT instances). Data from this database is then replicated to a PostgreSQL database using couch2pg. You could technically use PostgreSQL to set up your data warehouse that will be fed by various CHT deployments.

The CHT supports standards that enable collaboration and efficient data sharing, thus integrating with platforms that already support aggregation and analysis is encouraged. Depending on the requirements and needs, you could integrate with DHIS2 or OpenMRS.

This response doesn’t directly answer the question of what is ‘the standard’ but hopefully gives you some insights on the options that are available.

It appears that the CHT app has to be built with integration with DHIS2 or OpenMRS considered ahead of time in order to properly map the data between the two.

Considering that the primary purpose of the device{s) is for individual community or clinical assessment, OpenMRS seems to be the likely data path (where it exists)

Therefore, CHT app development would revolve around Concepts, Encounters and finally the Observations (which we are actually trying to provide)

This helps me with my other question which Marc Abbyad is helping me with.

Thank you for your help

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