Custom sms gateways

Other than SMS gateways listed here Messaging Gateways | Community Health Toolkit
Can we also add our own custom SMS gateways to handle SMS notification

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Hi David,

Additional gateways cannot be configured directly in the CHT right now, however we have found RapidPro very powerful at connecting a large range of aggregators and gateways to the CHT.

Is RapidPro an option in this case?

Which SMS gateway are you planning to use?


Thank you @gareth

No I don’t prefer RapidPro
Am planning to use infoBip, OrelSMS and other popular gateways that support two way SMS

Hi @David_Kiragu . Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been on leave for the last week.

Is Medic hosting your deployment?

You mentioned multiple aggregators - are those for separate CHT instances, or for a single CHT instance? What is the advantage of using multiple aggregators rather than picking one?

If the CHT had APIs for connecting to SMS aggregators, would you or your team have the technical capability to develop and deploy a small service to connect the aggregator API to the CHT API?

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Hi @gareth
It’s for a single instance.
If it’s possible to connect to other SMS aggregators, yes we can try implementing it on our end

What is the advantage of using multiple aggregators rather than picking one?

The reason I ask is while using multiple aggregators for messages coming in to the CHT is easy enough, when sending from the CHT how would you pick the right aggregator to send to?

It’s not possible today without modifying the CHT API code, but it sounds like a reasonable feature request for a future release. This would mean the CHT could be extended to work with any aggregator without having to modify CHT Core Framework code and doing a new release.

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That will be great @gareth
With the fact that the price rate for SMS differ depending on the country and receipt’s location.
By that we will be able to not only consider a well performing gateway but also cost effective to users

@David_Kiragu If one CHT has multiple SMS aggregators, how will you decide which aggregator to use for outgoing messages?