Custom data exports for Direct Interaction with BI Tools

Your Organization: Medic

Organization Type: Not for profit Tech company

What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature:
All organisations that actively use data from CHT for decision support. Immediately an organization like ITECH will greatly benefit from this.

Describe the Feature:
As a frequent data user I would to be able to easily integrate my BI tool eg PowerBI or Tableau with CHT.

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address: [Is there an unmet need impacting patients, providers, managers, developers, etc?]
Many organizations are increasing on the focus to use data to inform decisions and are moving beyond just looking at dashboards to being able to dig deeper get more insights or answer questions from their data. Currently the CHT has the option of exporting reports directly from CouchDB this however exports all form entries and downloads as CSV. The other way is to have a Postgres layer in between with queries to manipulate the data to be used in other platforms. This will help support implementers that do not have techies to set up/manage the Couch2PG process and will also give flexibility to the implementer to easily link their BI tools to CHT with their own frequency of data refresh

Proposed Solution:
We would need to have the ability to create custom data exports and then through Open standards like the OData where we can set up a direct interaction between CHT and BI tools.

Do You Have Funding Available: No

Do You Have Resources (Designers, Developers, PMs) Available:

Links To Supporting Information / Uploads:

This is the closest example I could relate to.

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