Community Health Toolkit

COVID 19 Education and Behaviour change

We know from our own experience, and overall evidence, that BCC and educational messaging is impactful to both patients and to CHWs. During this pandemic, we also know that we should be providing integrated experiences that include educational messaging in addition to care coordination, to make sure that CHWs and their communities are getting quick, evidence based, and change oriented messages on a regular basis.

We are investigating what types of messages should be delivered (and to whom), through what platforms, and how often, and create a module and recommendations that we can offer our key response partners.

In addition, we are interested in developing self check tools for both CHWs, their supervisors, and their patients. We’ve also considered how to make both content and design updates to CHT apps or potentially integrate with other tools to provide additional mental health support to CHWs during this crisis. Given the content and expertise overlap between education, self checks, and mental, we’ll look at them in an integrated approach.