Couch2pg process not working

I’m trying to set up couch2pg, I’ve set up the databases, and the backend AWS connections; but I can’t figure out how to get the couch2pg processes running. Can someone help me?

I’ve followed the steps HERE. I’ve included my image from the last two commands. I checked the database, and there’s no new tables. How can I check if it’s working for check the logs?

Hi @joykimmel ,
Do you have couchdbURL and postgresUrl set up properly on your end? They should be set on variable names COUCHDB_URL and POSTGRESQL_URL respectively.

Also, please ensure that you can connect to both couch url and postgres url form the machine where you’re running this process.

@joykimmel and I were able to have a troubleshoot session and resolved this issue. There were following issue with this:

  • COUCHDB_URL was pointing to the URL that was not accessible. So it’s always a good idea to test that by using curl $COUCHDB_URL;

  • Node version was 16, but cht-couch2pg doesn’t support this version. We’ve an issue to support later versions here. So, we configured this using docker-compose method.

  • There was issue with postgres database version was 14.x. We had an option to downgrade to PG version to 12.1 and then it worked.

If PG version 14 or later is needed, then we’ve this option in known issues secion, bullet point 2.

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