Contact Form Naming

Hi team, I upgraded to version 4.2 and noticed a change in the contact form naming. Below are the new names for each of the forms:

  • New District → New Health Facility
  • New Health Center → New Area
  • New Area → New Household

The behavior is not stable since in one of the installations we’re getting the expected names. Attached are sample screenshots from the instances

@Esther_Moturi @michael @antony I would like to request your assistance in reviewing this issue.

Thank you in advance for your time and contributions

Hi @Japheth_Kiprotich

Thank you for your questions in the forum!

I think migrating to 4.2.0 shouldn’t affect the contact form labels. We have a simple app configuration that you can use as a reference here.

Your app must configure the hierarchy by defining the contact_types in your app_settings file. As a sample of our app configuration, we define a translation key in the create_key property; this is done according to each level of your hierarchy. In this sample, the translation key for district hospital is

Then, the label (New health facility or any other text) for that translation key can be defined in the translation file. I’m sharing more about translations here.


Hello @Jennifer_Quesada

Works perfectly! thank you for the pointers.