Connect CHT CouchDB to Power BI

Hi Team,
I would like to link Power BI to CouchDB and set up a gateway for future data refresh.
I have tried to use “web” as source of data where I entered the: /api/v2/export/reports url but this has been inconveniencing due to challenges in data refresh plus ability to export a specific form.
Let me know if there are other alternatives.

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Hey @Job_Isabai. I’m not very experienced with Power BI, but I’ve heard of other users connecting CHT to Power BI through Postgres. Basically, they connect CHT to Postgres (with couch2pg) and then connecting Postgres to Power BI.

Is this a possibility for you instead of connecting via CouchDB or via Medic API?

Hi @Job_Isabai, another alternative we are working on would be to set up cht-pipeline. This will transform the data the raw CouchDB data into a more useful format that can be queried by Power BI. Please let us know if you require support on this.
Connecting Postgres to Power BI is a great option as suggested by @kenn.