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Community members contributing on GitHub

Over on a CHT Core GH ticket @andy5995 was asking if he could be given read only access to a Medic repo (I’m guessing repos even!). To be a good steward of awesome volunteers like Andy who help out, I’m transitioning that discussion to our forums so we could give an answer to him in the public on how he can best help out.

Maybe @marc or @gareth has some thoughts on what the Medic policy is on this suggestion?

Thanks to Andy for asking! It’s really great to have external contributions to our repos.


For my case, the advantage is that if I was invited to the GitHub medic org (with read-only access), then people could optionally add me when they “request review” on a PR.

(For those that aren’t aware, over the last several weeks, I’ve been doing some document editing and proofreading on PRs in the core and docs repo.)


Thanks for the context @andy5995! And, yes, for your specific request, I definitely can vouch for your helpful PR feedback! This would be a good metric for us to consider.

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Thanks for kicking off the conversation @mrjones, and great to have you jumping in @andy5995!

We definitely want to make it as easy as possible for others to join in and participate, so we’ll see what’s the best way to add you now, and others moving forward.


@andy5995, I’ve given you read access on cht-core and cht-docs. We may need to fine tune things, so once you accept the invite let me know how it goes.

We can similarly manage access for other collaborators, so if anyone needs further access please reach out!


@marc I received your invitations and accepted. Thank you.


Awesome thanks @marc! And thanks @andy5995 - it’s exciting to have new levels of involvement from our community like this. We really appreciate you reaching out to us!