Community Health Toolkit

Community Call: COVID-19 Response

Hi all! We’re excited to be holding a CHT Community Call on Monday, November 16th, at 9AM EST to highlight the work of our incredible community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn more below!

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven organizations across the globe to innovate in the face of new challenges. On November 16, we’ll highlight how members of the CHT Community rallied together to support home-based care, create new tools for event-based surveillance, establish new educational resources around COVID-19, and more. Join us for an exciting conversation!

Featured Speakers:
Jordan Lerner, Project Manager at Dimagi
Kira-Leigh Kuhnert, Program Manager South Africa at Digital Medic
Katherine Sziraczky, Engagement Lead at Digital Medic
Helen Olsen Impact Manager at Medic Mobile
Leah Ng’aari, Service Designer at Medic Mobile

We’d love to have you join us! Register Now!

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I’m looking forward to this call, @francesca!