CHW verification of Supervisor activity

We’re exploring some capabilities around stock monitoring. Operationally, a Supervisor disburses stock to a CHW (not necessarily in-person) and we’d like the CHW to verify those quantities before just accepting them and adding them to the CHW’s stock on hand.

The workflow might look something like this:

  1. Supervisor submits a form (on their own phone) against a CHW Area, specifying that they disbursed 100 aspirin to the CHW
  2. Supervisor syncs, CHW syncs
  3. CHW receives a task to verify that they received 100 aspirin
  4. CHW completes the task form specifying the actual amount received
  5. The stock level on the CHW Area’s Condition card is updated based on the values they entered on the task form

To achieve this, I think these assumptions would need to be true:

  1. Supervisor’s replication depth allows them to see CHW Areas
  2. Supervisor can submit a “Stock Disbursement” form against the CHW Area
  3. CHW can sync the Stock Disbursement form submitted against their CHW Area
  4. CHW can get a task generated based off the Stock Disbursement form
  5. The task form “Stock Received” can use fields from the Stock Disbursement form as Inputs
  6. The condition card on the CHW Area has access to data on the Stock Received report

Technically speaking, does that all seem doable in the CHT? Any risks or concerns?

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As far as I can see, and with all the assumptions you’ve listed, I think that’d work.

How were you planning to calculate the stock count? Would it be a sum total of every “stock disbursement” minus a could of every aspirin was given to a household, recorded in a different form? This could hit issues if a report gets purged, or gradually creep out of sync with reality as stock goes missing. I think you’d need some sort of regular stock count task to record the real count and then do the incremental math from there.

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@solomon_kahuma and @David_01 it would be great to get your input if the proposed stock monitoring workflow meets the requirements of the stock monitoring workflow you would like to design and develop.

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Hey @gareth and @michael - How might this be revised to include the current start-of-month self declaration of the current available stock for a CHW. [This is the current implementation for Stock Monitoring, and has issues with a) CHWs are offline users - hence delays in server based actions, such as reconciliations et al; and b) We do not yet have Supervisor workflow (in the case of the Uganda eCHIS)]

Offline use makes it challenging to do things like dispense more product because the server cannot know how many the CHW has, or how many items have been dispensed. However the reconciliation can be done on the phone, for example, you could show a task when the CHWs stock is getting low, prompting them to request more stock and reminding them to sync. If syncing is still not possible then you could configure an SMS form for this purpose.

I think the process would still work with a CHW directly reporting their stock in this case.