CHT slow on tablet

Hi everyone,
CHT takes too long to load on tablet so i don’t know if this is ok or about an issue to resolve?
Thank you in advance

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Hello @Yannick_toubangue

Welcome to the CHT Forum.

I have some follow-up questions about your setup:

  • which version of the CHT are you running?
  • is this an instance that you deploy yourself or deployed by Medic?
  • what exactly is taking long to load - is it loading the login page? downloading data? loading the application after data has been downloaded? loading a specific page?
  • what type of user are you experiencing this with? how many docs do they have?
  • what type of tablet are you experiencing this with?


Thank you @diana for this prompt reply
here the answers to the follow-up questions about installation:

  • CHT master (~4.1.0);
  • An instance deployed by Medic from play Store;
  • The application and specifics pages;
  • CHW;
  • 85 docs;
  • HUAWEI MediaPad T5 (RAM 3Go, ROM 32);

Hi @Yannick_toubangue

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you share which instance?

With this low number of docs, I’m very surprised you’re facing loading issues. Can you please share what exactly are you seeing and how I might reproduce it?
Are you seeing any errors?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @diana
Here the app on play store

After authentication, when I click on the application to open it, the content takes about a minute to load and it takes about 5 seconds to move from one page to another.
or it is because the size of the application is very large

Hi @Yannick_toubangue

I believe that, when you first start this app, it will have a screen where you have to select an CHT instance to connect to. Are you connecting to your own CHT instance?

Thanks for the details.
Are you seeing the 1 minute loading time on every load, or just immediately after authentication?
Which of these load-times, that you shared, do you consider slow?


Hi @diana
Yes, you are right, I chose custom and connected with my own CHT instance, that’s what I did.

Yes i see the 1 minute loading time on every load.
There is no authentication problem, access to the home page does not take time

Thank you @Yannick_toubangue

I’ll forward your report to our Quality Assurance team.
As a general rule, master is considered alpha, and Quality Assurance hasn’t run performance timings over fresh code yet. Until release testing has passed, master is not considered stable.

Would you mind remaking your local instance, and install CHT 4.1.0, the latest release, instead of master, and share if you’re having the same experience?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @diana
Thank you very much for your help
best regards