CHT ol / ul style

We noticed that bullet points are disabled at css level, is this intended?


I guess this is getting set in the reset.css file :thinking: . Looking at the blame for that line, it seems like it has pretty much always been this way (though we do use list-style: inside for Enketo Questions). Not sure about the exact motivations for setting things up like this. Are you running into a particular issue with this CSS?

No not really issue. We just would like to have bullet points displayed and didn’t know why it wasn’t working until we found this line. As a work around we are using hyphens but bullet points could improve the appearance of the form :thinking:

Ah, so if you are specifically just trying to get bullet points in form labels, you are probably hitting this bug :grimacing: :

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Yes that’s exactly it! :grin: Seems that it will come with 4.6? That’s great!

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:+1: Should be landing with 4.6 in a few days! (Though, it is classified as a bug, so if there was a need, we could also probably get it pushed back into the 4.5.x and/or 4.4.x releases…)

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