Community Health Toolkit

CHT in Action in Zanzibar

Some of you may be familiar with Jamii ni Afya, the digital community health program in Zanzibar. Earlier this year, Zanzibar’s Ministry of Health successfully brought Jamii ni Afya to full national scale–an exciting accomplishment that many digital health programs have struggled to achieve over the past ten years! The mobile apps powering Jamii ni Afya were built using the Community Health Toolkit, so I wanted to be sure to share this update with the CHT community.

D-tree, Medic, and other partners have collaborated with Zanzibar’s Ministry of Health for many years, and it is exciting to see how committed the government is to strengthen its health system using digital technology.

Check out the Jamii ni Afya webpage to learn more about the program.


Thanks for sharing, @greg21olson! So awesome to see this work + partnership come to life in such a comprehensive package. Kudos to your team for this big campaign lift!

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