Community Health Toolkit

CHT Core Framework 3.11.0 development kickoff

With development on 3.10.0 of the Core Framework winding down the team have started work on the next version, 3.11.0.

The main focus of this release is an upgrade from AngularJS v1 to Angular v10 which requires significant effort due to the many API differences between the versions. The main improvements we expect are;

  • better performance when changing tabs and loading content,
  • smaller bundle size when downloading the app,
  • lower memory usage due to asynchronously loaded modules, and
  • faster and easier core development.

Additionally, AngularJS v1 is scheduled to stop receiving bug fixes and other updates soon, so upgrading now means we will continue to benefit from improvements made to the Angular framework.

Other improvements being worked on in this sprint include fixing some medic-gateway bugs, minor improvements to medic-android, and some new validations and features in medic-conf.