CHT being implemented through the Initiation of National Innovation Center

Dear Community Member,

On behalf of SunyaEK team, would like to update that National Innovation Center lead by Mahabir Pun ( is supporting to scale CHT implementatiion to research organisations, NGO and municipalities. SunyaEK team is supporting for all the implementation requests from NIC and has recently accomplished the deployment backed by

This is our first engagement in regards to CHT implementation for the social cause, deployment successfully carried out with the stellar team members and support from Medic team is instrumental.
We look forward to scale in multiple sites.

Shout out to @gaarimasharma @gkesh @Arun_Sahani @atimsina @nitin @kunwarl @yrimal @binod for the continual support.


This is very exciting news @sanjay, thanks for sharing!

NIC and Mahabir Pun both are highly respected entities in Nepal. I feel glad to support this, albeit without knowing. I am very much exhilarated to support more in the future.


Glad to hear this news @sanjay . Kudos to you and SunyaEK Team on this.


This is super exciting. Thanks again for sharing @sanjay.

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Thanks for sharing @sanjay, this is great news!!

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