CHT behaves in subtle, non-obvious ways on different browsers

I have noticed the app may behave differently on different browsers and maybe hard to notice nor find support for first time users. For instance, it seems it is not supported on Safari yet nothing about this is mentioned in the documentation. I would suggest including information such as supported environments on the config documentation and also providing alerts for the same for users of the app.

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Hi @sookwalinga , and welcome to the forum!

Yes, as you’ve noticed, Safari is not a supported browser of the CHT. This is due to some underlying bugs and missing features with Safari’s implementation of IndexedDB which is what the CHT uses to store data for offline use. Apple are making improvements in this area and hopefully it’ll be fully supported soon. I’m curious about what issues you’ve seen?

The documentation has a section on which browsers are supported. Can you think of a way to make this information easier to find?

Another improvement would be to warn when loading the app in Safari so it’s clear to users that the app may not work as expected.