CHT Application Developer Survey 2023 is now open!

In our last survey that we collected in December 2022, we received a total of 17 responses from CHT application developers. 70% of the participants had more than six months of experience in developing CHT applications. The figure below shows more detailed distribution of experience of the participants.

CHT Experience

In the survey, we asked participants to rate how difficult they found the different stages while building a CHT application. The summary of response is shown in figure below (small square box with blue border denotes average).

On average, respondents reported that they experienced difficulty in building External dashboards and Integrating CHT with other digital health systems.The Product team is working on making the process easier. Recently we also shared some updates on ongoing work on CHT interoperability. Although interoperability and integration are sometimes used synonymously, they are different. While integration needs custom development to connect two systems, interoperability enables different or similar systems and applications to communicate or exchange data easily. You can read more in Interoperability, Interoperability in Digital Healthcare, Interoperability with the CHT, and CHT Interoperability with FHIR.

We also asked participants to share their experiences with the CHT application. We asked, how well has CHT met your project requirements, how satisfied were they with CHT so far?, and if they think current CHT resources are sufficient to enable them to build CHT applications?

While the majority of participants responded positively, we see there are some opportunities to improve CHT app building experience. To complement existing CHT resources, we have launched the CHT Academy which is an online platform for learning about the CHT. We have also added muting feature documentation which is now available on the CHT documentation website and we are still working on updating the CHT documentation.

The survey results showed that some CHT developers are using Windows operating systems. We are also working on updating the CHT documentation to make it more inclusive to Windows users. Our tutorial documentation on Setting up a local environment has been updated to include Windows support.

CHT Application Developers Survey is now open and available till June 30, 2023.

Your feedback is valuable to us and we appreciate your time to complete this survey. We look forward to your feedback to understand your needs and expectations.