Change of button position after a given number of entries

Hello team, I am Javan Ayoma, a Quality Assurance Technician. I have come across this issue where upon entry of a given number of districts and areas, the New district and New area button shifts and gets placed between the other entries. Was this by design or a bug?
Below are accompanying images


@Javan_Ayoma thank you for raising this! I can recreate this behavior on the latest from the master branch. Once I get enough places in the side-bar for it to start scrolling, the “New place” button does not stay pinned to the bottom of the page, but instead scrolls along with the other entries!

I believe this is unintended behavior and we should log an issue, but @Jennifer_Quesada can you confirm?

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Definitely unintended, thanks for helping find it @Javan_Ayoma and recreating it @jkuester! I’ve created Contact and Messages Tab: footer button scrolls with content, not staying pinned · Issue #8213 · medic/cht-core · GitHub to address this.

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