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Can't upgrade to 3.8 version


The 3.8 version has been out there for a while and I would like to upgrade and test out new features etc. But I can not find a guide or any other way to upgrade application. In DockerHub there is still 3.7 version, so I could build a new version by myself, but I then I can’t find Dockerfile from github. Could you please tell me how can I upgrade an application to newer version or where can I find the Dockerfile?

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Hi Tamor.

Nothing has changed in the Docker image for 3.8.0 so it’s fine to start with the 3.7.0 version. Once that’s installed log in as admin and go to App Management > Upgrades. Here you will see a list of versions you can upgrade to and 3.8.0 should be in that list. Before upgrading make sure you read the release notes as there are a few breaking changes.

Thank you for highlighting this gap in our documentation - we’ve raised an issue to document the upgrade steps and I’ll update this topic when it’s available.

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Thank you for quick response. Everything is working well.