Community Health Toolkit

Can SMS schedules be cleared based on a field in a form?

The “Configuring SMS Schedules” documentation says that…

Forms can also be configured to clear the schedule, or silence it for a period of time.

Is it also possible to clear / mute a schedule based on a field in a form, or just based on the form itself?

For example… if I submit a JSON form called “patient_response” that has a key called clear_schedule whose value is a boolean, can the core framework be configured to only clear the schedule if that JSON form has clear_schedule = true?

Yes, registrations can be created (trigger: assign_schedule) or cleared (trigger: clear_schedule) accordingly to fields in a report.

The patient reports can be used to mute a schedule for a period of time, but cannot do so conditionally based on report fields (yet). I thought we had a feature request for this already but couldn’t find it, so please open a feature request if needed.

You can find examples of registrations with field conditions as bool_expr in the Standard config.