Can I modify / update tasks?

I have a scenario where I need to update the task, specially it’s it’s start/end date.


  1. I need to configure pregnancy follow up tasks based on LMP date + {x} months when pregnancy form is submitted by user.
  2. When CHW visits pregnant patient next time s/he has an option to correct LMP date. If user corrected LMP date, due date for the tasks generated in step 1 change and they need to be corrected. I want to correct due dates for upcoming tasks (Ideally for tasks in draft as well as ready state).

Is this currently possible in CHT ?

This is possible in the CHT using the task event dueDate function which returns a date object when the task event is due. The algorithm would look like this:

  1. Get the latest pregnancy registration report.
  2. Get pregnancy follow ups submitted after the pregnancy registration in (1).
  3. For the follow ups in (2), check for updates to LMP. If there’s an update, use it to compute due date instead of the LMP from pregnancy registration.

I didn’t know that it was documented properly @elijah . Thank you for response, this solves my issue.