Can I configure `silence_for` for same form's different reporting?

As per WHO 2016 ANC Model and recommendation, we are planning our ANC workflows from 4 ANC visits to 8 ANC visits for our sms based deployments. While on 4 ANC visits, we had minimum of 21 days gap between any anc visits. Because of this we could configure silence_for period for 21 days which would mute reporting for 21 days for that particular form.

Moving into 8 ANC, we’ve different time gap between each visit. Which means, we can not configure the same silence days for each period. And, we’d need to configure silence_for period for each visit, while form code remaining the same.

Is it possible with CHT now using any other customization? If not, Is this something CHT can plan on making 8 ANC visits configuration easier for sms based projects?

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Are you using silence_for to clear the ANC schedule, or a different schedule?

If it’s the ANC schedule, is it being used so you don’t get two visits within 21 days, and the visit should be skipped instead?

It sounds like you’re looking for a silence_for property on the schedule configuration so each scheduled message can have a different silence period.