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Can a person in the district (highest level) take actions for places and people in the health ctr or CHW area levels?

Imported Question by ranjuts · May 28, 2017 at 08:11 AM

This is for cases where we might have to place a health ctr at the highest level so a lower level clinic and CHW area can be created below. However, people at the health ctr also need to be able to take certain actions for people in the CHW area.

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A restricted user can take actions for all places and people that are descendants of the place they’re restricted to. So you could have a CHW restricted to their area, and also have a manager restricted to the CHW area’s parent, and both would be able to submit reports for the area.

There is one caveat for this - if replication depth is configured it limits the number of generations a user has access to.

For more info read the replication configuration documentation.

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