Bulk User Upload - Failed to find place

I have the following hierarchy:

Catchment Area → Supervisory Area

I have 5 worksheets namely:

  1. contact.chw
  2. contact.chw_VLOOKUP
  3. contact.supervisor
  4. contact.supervisor_VLOOKUP
  5. place.type_VLOOKUP

When I upload either contact.chw or contact.supervisor to CHT, I get the following error: Failed to find place.

Here’s link to the google sheet.

My assumption was that when I upload the supervisor sheet for instance, CHT will create the supervisor user, supervisor contact as well as the supervisory area. But it seems like that’s not the case.

What changes to do I need to make to bypass this error?

@iesmail - Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with this feature!

Do you want to create a user and a contact under an existing place or create all three new user, contact and place?

Once we know this we can properly update your google sheet (thanks for posting the link!). I fairly sure you’re missing some place UUIDs for either parent of new place or for the user and contact to use as their existing place.

@mrjones, I am trying to create all entities at once.

@iesmail thanks for the specifics on your desire to create all three!

For sure, as I suggested, you’re missing UUIDs to denote which is the parent for the place you’re creating. I suggest reviewing the bulk user docs and specifically looking at the the sample spreadsheet used for “createing user accounts, their contacts and their places”.

You can ensure this works against a CHT Instance using the default conig first. This way you’ll understand all the required columns and field values. Even just comparing the sample spreadsheet against the one you share will show helpful discrepancies. Note that will be natural and correct hierarchy and role discrepancies which of course need to remain.

Please let us know if you need more help!

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