Bind-id-only documentation

Hi community
I’m not able to find documentation about the use of bind-id-only appearence in forms

Although I know that it is commonly used, I’m not able to find documentation on it either! I’ll create an issue to document it shortly.

In the meantime, are you experiencing any specific problems in using it?

I’m trying to figure out best use cases for this, but I’m looking to already developed forms that use it, so it will be great to have a definition about it.
Thank You

Certainly! I created this issue to track the documentation improvement.

For now, the bind-id-only appearance is used for a contact selector to only include the contact’s ID as the value, and not assign the contact’s data to fields within the group that have matching field names.

Just wanted to confirm that the documentation has been updated. Please suggest if further improvements are needed!

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