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Better Lab's May 5th Journal Club on Human Centered Design

Hi everyone,

Human centered design as long been a core focus for the CHT community and a discussion topic for folks on this forum. This thread for example discusses an article that I co-wrote with @dianna, who was previously the Chief Design Officer at Medic. We’re going to be discussing this article as part of a journal club this week, hosted by the Better Lab.

About the Better Lab:

The Better Lab is a venture that uses design to study and fix healthcare challenges. We take a human-centered design approach, starting with users – patients, physicians, caregivers, healthcare professionals – to understand the context of their everyday lives as we work together to identify stubborn health problems, prototype solutions and iterate quickly to see what works.

The journal club is tomorrow, Wednesday May 5th at 2pm PT. You can sign up here and see more about it on Twitter. The full reference for the article we’ll be discussing is:

Holeman I, Kane D. Human-centered design for global health equity. Information technology for development. 2020 Jul 2;26(3):477-505.

All are welcome, it would be very nice to see you there!


@isaacholeman I hope the journal club discussion went well! I’d love to hear some insights from the discussion with the Better Lab!