Article Club -- Monthly Discussion Group Open to Community

Similar to a book club, Medic will be hosting a monthly “article club” based on articles found in our research library. We plan to read 1-2 articles each week and discuss as a group monthly. If you are interested, please share your email address so we can add you to the group for notices and calendar invites!

For a list of articles we will be reading each week, please check out this calendar:


I’m so looking forward to article club! I think it will be a great way to learn about the research behind the work Medic Mobile does, as well as the different tensions in digital tool deployments and interventions in the community health space.

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Hey all, I’d love to receive notices and calendar invites to join the club when I am able! Please add me at


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Added! Excited to have you joining us!

Hi @jeffjacobs

I am interested in joining the club, my email address is: simbiso[at]gmail[dot]com

@munjoma You are most welcome to join and we are thrilled to have you! I’ve added your email to the monthly meeting and for a list of articles to read each week, please view this link: