Are CHWs and Supervisors experiencing any slowness in their apps?

In 2024 we’ll be focusing on making sure CHWs and their Supervisors are satisfied with the performance of their CHT based app. To help us know which areas to focus on, we’d like to get some feedback and data from live projects.

Are CHWs and Supervisors in your project experiencing any slowness in the app?

If so, can you please let us know…

  1. Which page?
  2. How often?
  3. All users or just some users?
  4. What are the specs of their phones (brand, model, memory, etc…)?
  5. Is there anything unique about your configuration?
  6. Do you have any theories as to why it’s slow?
  7. Have you looked at telemetry already?
  8. Would you be able to provide access to your telemetry data?
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Hi @michael , It was great to see Appdex work on CHT roundup call yesterday. From what version of CHT is appdex metrics available?

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It’s currently scheduled to be in 4.7.0. The issue tracking this improvement is Record Apdex score in webapp · Issue #8821 · medic/cht-core · GitHub.