Application Display Endless Loop


I have a new instance running on my local machine (Kali Linux). The application is able to load until the admin page, but when I access the application, there is an endless loader, attached is a video showing the process.

Well this is pretty odd behavior! What version of the CHT are you running and how did you start the instance? (Using Docker or from the source files)

Also, can you post a copy of your browser console logs so we can have a look through the errors?

Version: master (~4.2.0)
The instance was started using Docker

@Wycliffe_Owuor can you try opening the app in a new Private Window (with no plugins or anything enabled)? I just want to see if there is something funky going on with your current browser session or if it behaves the same on something totally fresh.

@diana I see that they are running https://localhost and are getting an SSL cert error. Have you ever seen SSL certs cause behavior like this? (In my experience, you cannot even login or make it to the admin panel with SSL cert issues…)


I tried to replicate this locally. I only managed to get the infinite spinner when I had destroyed and recreated the containers - which also caused all the SSL certs to be re-generated - while keeping the page open.
Following @jkuester 's advice, can you try opening the page in a fresh browser to see what happens?

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