App fails to load and throws indexed_db_went_bad error

This is from a fresh login on an incognito tab

If I’m not mistaken, IndexDB does not work in incognito mode

Thanks for reporting, @Fred . Is this happening consistently?
We know that large attachments can cause this: Database errors on some devices when forms have large attachments · Issue #6699 · medic/cht-core · GitHub
This also appears sporadically in feedback docs: Feedback docs: "500: indexed_db_went_bad" · Issue #7149 · medic/cht-core · GitHub

IndexedDb is is used by PouchDb for storage, we don’t use it directly or have any direct control over transactions.

@derick that might be the case, this appears to only happen when i try access the app in incognito mode. @diana I was trying to access a user account in an incognito browser window and noticed this, if i do it via a normal browser window it runs OK

IndexedDb should work in incognito, the main difference is a limitation is maximum storage space.

How many docs does your user have? Do you see the error early in replication or late?
Can you check the amount of storage the app uses when the error is thrown to see if it’s consistent?

It happens as soon as authentication succeeds. When i check the indexed_db on the dev tools it has no docs every time

And if you load this user outside of incognito, does it work?

this appears to only happen when i try access the app in incognito mode.

I just realized you replied to this, just needed confirmation that:
a) you get this error in incognito every time with this user
b) you never get this error when not in incognito with this user

Yes that is correct, works outside incognito

I just realized this is Firefox, not Chrome.
@derick was probably correct. I can find plenty of references about this on the web.
Can you try testing this user in Chrome incognito?

Tested on chromium incognito, loaded just fine.