Announcing the release of the CHT-Core Framework v3.14.0

We’re excited to announce the release of 3.14.0 of CHT-Core

New features include:

New dialog showing sync status

When an offline user manually triggers a sync via the hamburger menu, a notification dialog is opened indicating the status of the sync process.

Sync in progress:

Sync complete:

Sync failed (with retry option):

Display all dates in Bikram Sambat format when Nepali locale selected

For years, the CHT has supported recording the answers to date questions in forms using the Bikram Sambat calendar format when the user has selected the Nepali locale. However, the date values displayed throughout the app would still be shown in the Gregorian calendar format.

Now the application has been updated to also use the Bikram Sambat format when displaying dates in places such as the reports list.

Improved server-side purging

We have made several improvements to our server-side purging functionality allowing it to perform better at scale.

Properly display tab labels on small screens

Previously, the labels for the main tabs in the CHT app (Messages, Tasks, People, etc) were not displayed on devices with very small screens leading to some confusion around the different tabs and their purposes.

We have updated the tab labels to always display even on small screens. Additionally the size of the label text can scale so that the text will display properly even when the tabs are small.

Updated icon for the Create Report button

The icon for the Create Report button has been updated so that its purpose is more clear.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 11.05.14 am

We’ve also implemented loads of other improvements and fixed a heap of bugs.

Read the release notes for full details.

Following our support policy, versions 3.11.x and 3.12.x are no longer supported. Projects running these versions should start planning to upgrade in the near future. For more details read our software support documentation.

See what’s scheduled for the next releases.