Announcing the release of the CHT-Core Framework v3.12.0

We’re excited to announce the release of CHT-Core Framework v3.12.0

New features include:

The CHT-Core increased the frequency of telemetry data collection from monthly to daily, this new level of granularity is going to boost the metrics accuracy. Additionally, CHT-Core is gathering new information to support research initiatives, to help monitor and detect errors earlier and to contribute to the analysis of document replication.

The Monitoring API version 1 (/api/v1/monitoring) is now deprecated, but will continue to work. The version 2 (/api/v2/monitoring) is introduced with improvements in the returned data structure and new metrics available.

Contact summary, targets and tasks
The contact summary, targets and tasks now have more data available and a new CHT API with useful functions.

The CHT-Core will send a SMS notifying when the origin phone number is not registered in the app.

Muting and unmuting are now performed on-device for offline users. Previously, muting and unmuting were performed only on the server which meant that offline users would not see the results of submitting mute/unmute reports until they were synced and processed by the server.

We’ve also implemented loads of other improvements and fixed a heap of bugs. Read the release notes for full details.

Following our support policy, 3.10.x version is no longer supported. Projects running this version should start planning to upgrade in the near future. For more details read our software support documentation.

See what’s scheduled for the next releases.


Congratulations on the release! I’m really excited about the improved telemetry and monitoring. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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