Community Health Toolkit

Announcing the release of the Android App v0.7.0

This release focuses on improving Android Play Store compliance by adding a dialog for prominent disclosure for how and why the app uses location data.

Read the release notes for more information about how to upgrade and view the GitHub release to access the apks.

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Hi Team/CHT Community,
We are continuing to work through project needs and the responses from google regarding Play Store compliance for the most recent Android release - v0.7.0. This latest android release allowed us to successfully avoid immediate de-listings of deployed apps.

Based on initial feedback, we are planning a subsequent, near-term medic-android release to address the need for:

We have also started this documentation issue to capture and communicate best practices related to publishing to the Play Store. Please take a few minutes to add any questions that you would like addressed, as well as any existing resources that should be included.

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v0.5.0 was a breaking change is v0.7.0 also breaking? It would be very helpful to use major versions in semver to help clarify the content and compatibility of these releases. Can you share your rationale for continuing to avoid a major version release? I find the versioning difficult to interpret.

How do I know when to release 1.0.0?
If your software is being used in production, it should probably already be 1.0.0.

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0.7.0 does not contain any breaking changes however it is recommended that translation strings are checked to ensure they are accurate and in a language your users will understand as mentioned in the release notes.

The current versioning scheme is semver compliant, and any breaking changes will be noted in the release notes. A v1.0.0 release is being planned to coincide with CHT Core v4.0.0 so watch this space!

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