Announcing Release of cht-conf-test-harness 3.0

cht-conf-test-harness 3.0 is now available.

This release includes the following breaking changes

  1. cht-conf-test-harness v3 supports only CHT Core v4.0 and above. If your app is running CHT Core v3.x, you should continue to use cht-conf-test-harness v2.
  2. CHT Core 4.0 includes breaking changes to how forms work. These same breaking changes are reflected in cht-conf-test-harness v3.
  3. Any automation using cht-conf-test-harness v3 now requires xsltproc to be installed. This will require additional installation steps in your automation setup scripts. For example, your .github yml files should run sudo apt install -y xsltproc prior to executing tests.
  4. The CHT Core’s Enketo widgets are now supported within cht-conf-test-harness v3. Some elements (eg. tel) include additional validation which was not previously enforced by the harness.

If you are upgrading to CHT Core v4, consider getting your tests passing using cht-conf-test-harness v3 prior to upgrade. This can be very helpful with issue discovery.