Android App Launcher

Has anyone used the Android App Launcher before?

The intention is to have a PDF created by a third-party app that can subsequently be saved in CHT.

The documentation (App Launcher) describes how to open the default camera app and specify the image as output in the form.

If the external app now generates/creates a PDF, is it also possible to define this PDF as an output? What’s the most effective way to proceed?

The COVID-19 RDT reference app leverages this functionaltiy to collect RDT data from a third-party app. That link contains a bunch more documentation and links to the form configuration.

In general, I think you should be able to achieve the desired behavior via the app launcher functionality. Please reply, though, if you have any questions or roadblocks!

@jkuester many thanks for the answer.

We have developed an Android app based on react native. However, we are having difficulty launching this app from CHT even though both apps are installed on the emulator. Currently we use the following format in the xlsx default column to start the app “android.intent.action.VIEW”.

In our custom app we have defined the intent filters as follows:

Unfortunately, the custom app does not show up when we press the button. Are we missing something, or does CHT not support opening custom apps?

We even added the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. We have no problem in opening the camera app with the following format: “”. So we don’t know why our app won’t open.

@Jennifer_Quesada do you have any ideas as to what might be missing from their custom app here?

Hi @cht_user

Sorry for the late reply, just back from some time-off.

does CHT not support opening custom apps?

CHT can open custom apps, in fact we partnered with another organisation to build CHT COVID-19 Response app, where CHT opens a custom Android app by using a form ( covid19_rdt_provision.xlsx ).
Their Android app is open source, I recommend to have a look at how they configured the intent filter.

Looking at the Android Documentation, it looks like the ACTION_VIEW doesn’t provide any output.

Currently this feature can process plain data (bundles with text, numbers, booleans) and images coming from storage url and Bitmap. Important to considere that CHT forms have a total limit of about 30mb~ when saving the form.

Can you please explain in more detail what is the use case from start to end? What does the user needs to do with the PDF?


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