Add a pop-up message to prompt the CHV to ask further question or give more information or provide health education

Scenario 1: A CHV is asking sensitive questions to HH members on Hepatitis B. In the workflow, I want to alert the CHV to: Be sensitive when asking the next Questions

How we are designing for this: We put a note for the CHV saying, Note: Be sensitive when asking the next Question

New suggestion: Is it possible to pause the workflow at this point and include a message or notification that tells the user that they need to obtain additional information before continuing with the workflow. This could be in the form of a pop-up message or a prompt that appears on the screen. This pop-up message could be prompted by a response to a previous question.
Once the CHV has taken note of the prompt, they can return to the workflow and answer the question about hepatitis B.

Scenario 2: CHVs complain that the MNCH workflow forms are long. Part of the reasons for the long forms is because we have included health education messages and instructions within the forms. We would like to keep the form short and precise.

New suggestion: Can we use the pop-up message containing the Health education messages or the instructions floating on the screen prompting the VHT to read and return back to the workflow questions? This approach allow CHVs to pause the workflow and read information without disrupting the user’s overall experience. It also helps shorten the forms as desired

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