Access to purge logs

Hi there,
We are experimenting troubles with purge function, we have beed advised to upgrade to 3.14.2 version and to monitor purge logs.
We’ve upgrade to 3.14.2 in our dev instance but we are not able to see the logs
we get


error: "forbidden",

reason: "You are not allowed to access this db."


How could we get access to this logs ?

Do you have admin credentials to your instance If so, are you using them?

Yes, we have admin credentials

Purge logs (and all sentinel log files) are available to the “couch2pg database administrator” accounts. The user account you’re using (pm_test_muso) is not an admin user, it has the role national_admin - which is a custom role within your app_settings.json file. It has the word admin in the role, but isn’t a db admin.

  "roles": {
    "national_admin": {
      "name": "usertype.national-manager"

There is an actual admin permissions which is controlled via CouchDB’s security features. 1.5. Security — Apache CouchDB® 3.2 Documentation. To make this account an admin, you’ll need to set its role to _admin in the CouchDB user document.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you are still unclear on how to proceed.

Sorry but it is no clear for me, at medic database I found user org.couchdb.user:pm_test_muso, and adding the _admin role does just nothing

  "_id": "org.couchdb.user:pm_test_muso",
  "_rev": "3-e029e0bb42dc0ef9de0ed3081c7c2837",
  "name": "pm_test_muso",
  "type": "user-settings",
  "fullname": "PM Test Muso",
  "roles": [
  "known": true

In your I can read

  • roles (array of string): List of user roles. CouchDB doesn’t provide any built-in roles, so you’re free to define your own depending on your needs. However, you cannot set system roles like _admin there. Also, only administrators may assign roles to users - by default all users have no roles

And in this other doc

I think it is me who has misunderstood. But I think we are getting closer.

I went to and I found that any non-admin user with role sentinel can access the sentinel database.

I added this sentinel role to your user document at

Can you try now if you can access the sentinel logs at

yes, Now this is working I see it thank you