A more complete docker-compose file

Hi community,
I just installed CHT using the docker-compose file I got learning CHT.
I realized that only 2 containers were created (haproxy and medic-os). Is it possible to include chouch2pg and postgres db service or even sentinel to allow beginners like me to have a very good overview of a production server?

Hello @Gilbert! Couple of thoughts here. First of all, I think you should have Sentinel running already by default as a part of the CHT deployment in the medic-os container (though I am not positive if there is additional configuration needed to get it functioning…).

For couch2pg and postgres, there is some helpful documentation out on the cht-couch2pg repo including some sample docker-compose configuration for spinning up containers for those applications and connecting them to CouchDB (although, remember that you will want to connect them with the CouchDB instance running in your medic-os container and not a separate couchdb:2.3.1 container as shown in the example).

It is probably worth noting that in a typical “production” environment these containers do not have to be run on the same host server. In fact, it is probably fair to say that postgres is most commonly deployed on a host provisioned separately from medic-os.