504 Gateway Timeout error

I have been trying to create a new instance using Docker helper and when I try accessing the instance on my browser I get an NGINX 504 Gateway Time-out error. What could be the problem?

Hi @Chesire

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We need a bit more information in order to debug this. Would you mind sharing the logs from your CHT containers? We have a script that will help you collect these logs easily: https://github.com/medic/cht-core/blob/master/scripts/compress_and_archive_docker_logs.sh


Here are the logs:

Hi @Chesire

Unfortunately these logs aren’t helpful, they just show there are no running containers.
Did you obtain these logs through running the script above?

Can you try to setup through docker helper again, and then run the script?


When I try creating another instance,the logs still show there are no running containers

Are there any logs / output from the script that you’re running that you can share?

The logs generated are blank

Can you please share how you are running docker helper?

@diana this is how I am running docker helper

Hi @diana I have finally managed to get my instance running.

Seems like the issue was concurrent docker versions installed using apt and snap.After Disabling the snap version I was able to access my instance without the 504 Gateway Time-out error.

For reference on how to check if you have concurrent versions installed and how to disable one version,you can check docker - Error response from daemon: cannot stop container - signaling init process caused "permission denied" - Stack Overflow


Great news, @Chesire . Good job debugging this!
I think this would have been a pretty wild ride if you wouldn’t have figured it out so quickly.