2023 Q3 User Experience Research Reporting

Medic’s focused working groups regularly conduct generative and evaluative interviews, shadowing and focused group discussions with CHWs, Supervisors, App Developers, System Admins as well as other caregivers and technical end users to continuously understand how the CHT supports them as well as new opportunities for improvement.

We’ve synthesized the stories we’ve heard into insights below:

Care Teams

Generative Interviews

In Q3 of 2023, the Care Teams group conducted 5 interviews. Some of the insights uncovered include the UI is difficult to navigate, the app takes a long time to load and configuration doesn’t support service delivery needs.

To date, the Care Teams group has conducted 67 interviews as indicated below:

Summary of insights:

Allies Team

Generative Interviews

In Q3 of 2023, the Allies Team group conducted 5 interviews. We heard about the difficulties of testing purging rules without deploying them on production, finding and making sense of errors when setting up the CHT.

To date, the Allies Team group has conducted 30 interviews and have uncovered the following insights:

Many thanks to our partners who have collaborated with us to make these user research activities happen. We look forward to working with others to continue to improve the CHT experience for all its end users. To get involved in these user research activities and to ensure the voices of end users from across all programs and countries are being heard, please reach out to leah@medic.org .

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