User telemetry and Performance Data


Regarding User Telemetry and Performance data , I refer to the following documentation. CHT collects telemetry data automatically. Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty locating them in the database. To examine the data, I utilize the fauxton interface.

Please navigate to the medic-user-<username>-meta database or medic-users-meta database in CouchDB Fauxton. The URLs should look something like these:

  1. User specific: https://localhost/_utils/#database/medic-user-username-meta/_all_docs
  2. All users: https://localhost/_utils/#database/medic-users-meta/_all_docs

After getting there, you can run mango queries to fetch the desired telemetry docs.

   "selector": {
      "type": "telemetry"

It might be easier to play with the telemetry data if you have the data exported to RDBMS. For that, you can refer to the Couch2pg setup guide.

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…and if you do end up deciding to use couch2pg and want to explore using SQL, here’s a sample statement to get you started. couch2pg will put data from CouchDB’s medic-users-meta DB into a table called couchdb_users_meta in PostgreSQL.

	doc#>>'{metadata,user}' AS t_user,
	doc#>>'{metadata,versions,app}' AS t_app_version,
	doc#>>'{metadata,year}' AS t_year,
	lpad(doc#>>'{metadata,month}',2,'0') AS t_month,
	lpad(doc#>>'{metadata,day}',2,'0') AS t_day,		
    jsonb_pretty(doc) AS obj_key

	AND doc#>>'{metadata,year}' = '2022'